What is WordCaptureX?

WordCaptureX is a software library that allows your application (i.e. single click dictionary) to capture words on the screen, up to an entire line of text. One click text capture support for Chrome, IE and FF. Learn more...

Who is it for?

Single click dictionaries to offer single click word capture and look up definitions.
Call center, click to call, customer validation, system integration apps use it to eliminate redundant copy/paste.
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Who's using it?

From startups to Fortune 500 companies we have more than 100 customers that successfully integrated and deployed WordCaptureX with their products.
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Word capture. Starter.

Works with most apps including IE, FF, MS and Open Office, Messengers, Emails.

Word capture. Pro.

Extract text from x64 apps.
Add Chrome, IE and FF to the list of supported browsers.

Word capture. Plus.

Enable text capture from Flash, WPF, FoxPro apps. Features premier OCR engine tuned to work with screen fonts.

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